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Custom cookies with bicycles and the words Bike Forever, Ride Sunnyside, and I love Sunnyside on them.

This is hands down the best bike shop on the planet! John, Vanessa, and the amazing crew they have are kind, attentive, and knowledgeable bike gurus who have seriously raised the bar for service in the local bike shop scene. I’ve purchased bikes at other shops in town and the service has been lacking. As long as Sunnyside Bicycles exists, it will be my one and only place to go for my and my family’s cycling needs. You guys rock!! Erica

Best shop in town. [They] fix it right the first time. Sunnyside has the best service! Scott

Sunnyside has perhaps the finest bicycle mechanic in the Valley named Jacob as he's versatile, communicates well, and does a superb job. Garrett 

I cannot think of another retail establishment that I have experienced in any market, let alone cycling, that is as friendly, honest and customer-oriented as Sunnyside Bicycles. And it's not just one person, you know going in that no matter who you talk to on a given day that you're going to get great service and support. Sunnyside is a little out of my way to get to, but I drive the extra miles because it's worth it. Brent 

You guys are VERY good at what you do.  Great knowledge about bikes AND customer service.  Keep up the good work. Larry

I would give you a 15 if the system let me! Sunnyside is the best bike shop around!  All staff are knowledgeable and helpful. They do not try to up-sell something that the customer doesn't want or need.  They are always available to answer any questions.  I have learned a lot about cycling and nutrition and how to be able to ride for longer distances (60-100 miles).  The shop is quick to repair any problems that I have so the bike will be available for the next ride.  Thank you for all that you do. Robert

Yours is the only service department I will ever use. Thank you! Michele

Love this store! The servce is great and the staff is friendly! They always try to help their customers. Debra

Good products, superior service. Always friendly and helpful. Tad 

[They] take great care of my bike and all of the staff are super friendly and Vanessa leads the best rides with her husband John! Tina

The service and staff has always been great at your business. Bob

[They] resolved the issue I was told [elsewhere] was unfixable. Amazing!! Rod 

Everything is always great at Sunnyside! Dorothy 

Excellent service, great people, outstanding knowledge and a must go for all your bicycle items. Chris

I'm always very satisfied with the Sunnyside experience. Great people whom I consider friends. I can always be sure that my bike will be checked out completely and that I'll be advised of any issues beyond those I am concerned about. Dave

Thanks for keeping me rolling! William

Y'all are awesome! I'm a proud Sunnysider! Keep up the great work! Craig

In the world of retail sales, we are all within nickels and dimes on price so the customer will purchase from the location that makes them feel like family. Your shop's customer service is the best, which is why I go there and tell my friends about your shop. Ed

You guys are awesome. For all my mechanical and professional advice, there is no one else in my book. Thanks! Eric

We recently moved to Seattle and we have not found a bike shop like yours. You guys are awesome! Gabriela

I have been recommending a lot of people and we are very happy with our choice to purchase our bike from you! Janet

Your staff is always so helpful and willing to help. Your store makes me feel like part of the family. Thanks for the great experience! Patricia

Friendly and professional service! Larry

Best bike store ever! Paul

No one could ask for a better shop. All of you are the best. We love to come into the shop and see all the friendly faces. We feel so much love also! Thank you for being you! Sandy

Thank you for making us feel comfortable in your shop. Our son is the cyclist and is 14. He can go in and all of your staff services him understanding his needs and concerns. That means a lot to a young cyclist. Shelly

We are so happy to have a quality business, with hard-working, honest people selling a great product, out in the Sunnyside area! Sarah

Awesome service...the BEST! Carlos

Every employee is very helpful and very friendly. David

The staff goes over the top to welcome you and to take care of your needs. Jim

Emergency pit stop before the Tour de Fresno and they were awesome, quick and beyond polite! Put my bike back on the rack and was very supportive and all around helpful! LaDonna

Everyone at Sunnyside has helped me understand how to be a better cyclist by keeping my bike safe and ready to ride. I am grateful to have this excellent place so near my home. But I would cross town for it! Mark

They are all top notch, the best! David

The staff was outstanding. They answered all of our questions and even stayed way past closing to make sure we were able to take our bikes home the same day! Dinh

The reason I come to your store is because of your excellent customer service and classes and organized rides. Jane

The guys working at the time were very helpful and informative. They worked well together to make my experience smoother. Joaquin

Staff is very knowledgable and friendly. They relate well with everyone from beginners to experienced riders. Could tell that they loved what they did! Sarah

My repeat business is guaranteed. Great staff and service! Bryan

Love the staff! Everyone one of them makes a point to say hello not only when in the store but at any events I may see them at. Kim

Extremely helpful every step of the way! I appreciate the willingness to work with me, trying every option to get this awesome bike. Thanks a million! And the fact you allow payments is AMAZING! Michelle

Everyone in there was really helpful and friendly. Ann

GREAT service! Matt

Great experience as always! Alex

From the first day, my family and I came in your shop we have always been greeted in a friendly way by all your staff. Larry

Everyone I worked with was knowledgeable and helpful. Jim

Every single person on staff that I have met has been really enjoyable and knowledgeable and did not make me or my brother and sister feel like we did not know anything about bikes nor did it feel like they tried to pressure us into buying anything we didn't need. Couldn't have been more professional. Benjamin

Everyone is the store. Good folks work there. Larry

Always professional and helpful. Kevin

Always friendly, always helpful. Michael

Always friendly and prompt to my needs. Eric

All staff go above and beyond to answer my questions. Chad

All of your staff provide exceptional service, insight and thoughtful guidance. Additionally, your business is warm and hospitable. Chris

All of the Sunnyside staff are top notch. The BEST! Bryan

All of the staff are super friendly and helpful. I always feel welcomed here. Adam

You guys are doing a great job! Keep up the great work! Gus

Very inviting and friendly staff. Miguel

Store is always well kept and looks professional without being intimidating. Victor

I always recommend Sunnyside to friend! Cheryl

I never recommend anyone else! Bob

I enthusiastically endorse your store regularly, and I typically do not recommend nor endorse any type of business. Chris

It is with pleasure and complete confidence that I do recommend the store to others. Your email coupons, sales, contests, sponsored rides, in short, your customer involvement and enthusiasm and love of bicycling, have no doubt elevated the store to its present level. David

I recommend Sunnyside Bicycles to everyone. Doug

As far as I am concerned, Sunnyside is the only bike shop in the area. Eric

Since the first time I visited your store, I have been recommending your store to family and friends. Gus

I like the fact that someone in the store saw me removing my bicycle from my car and came out to assist me! Patti

These guys love cycling and it's infectious. Mary

They are always quick to greet me by name and have amazing customer service EVERY time I enter the store! Paul

They consistently go above the level of service I have ever gotten, even in other cities. Mark

I won't go any place else. Barbara

The only service department I will ever go to is Sunnyside. David

There is no other bike shop in the universe that I will ever set foot in. Greg

Your staff is a delight to be with. They were friendly. Frances

Your staff is the most helpful and friendly I have ever encountered in any store. You can tell they really love their work. The whole store has such welcome feel to it. Myra

Your entire staff is great. Always the best service around. Chao

You're all 11s! Herb

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Carl

When I get asked about bicycling by someone just interested or new to cycling, I always direct them to your store because I know you'll treat them right. Ric

Excellent service and I tell everyone how great and knowledgeable everyone is. I will continue to drive across town for such excellent service and tell everyone they need to as well! Mario